Quick Magnetic Jaw Vise

Quick Magnetic Jaw Vise
Product Name : Quick Magnetic Jaw Vise
Product Model : GS103M

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    Product Character


    • Magnetic base is designed for prostioning the vise on the working table accuractely & promptly
    • The Optional position set can help to position work piece promptly & to process the repeated work very accurately
    • Suitable for clamping work piece on drill press machine or millling machine
    • Quick motion machanism design makes clamping and releasing work piece promptly by sweveling the reversing lever.
    • Slide bar design makes work piece is firmly fixed by jaw pair without any inclined situation of the jaws
    • Designed with solid strucure, main body is made of FC15, assemble a pair of heat treated steel jaws with hardness HRc 45°~50°
    • Jaw pair and handle are surface treated by black oxide finish
    • Front fixed prismatic jaw with cross V-grooves is designed for clamping work piece firmly in both vertical & horizontal directions.
    • For 103M-4G:
      All sliding suraces of each part, base face & jaw pair are grinded for assuring the flatness as well as the verticalness are controlled in 0.05/100 mm accuracy.
    • Electrical applied:
      100~240 volt AC, CE approval certificate no. 194613




    Unit: mm

    Order No. Description A B C D E F G H I J(Min.) Max. clamping force ( ton ) Weight
    103M-4 4" quick magnetic jaw vise 181 104 300 52 442 14 18 95 32 105 1.0 10
    103M-4G 4" quick magnetic grinding jaw vise 181 104 300 52 442 14 18 95 32 105 1.0 10
    103M-A Positioning set accessory for 103MSlide